Responsibility of Silver Star Stays

Open 7 days a week, extended hours year-round to handle all incoming inquiries

Maintain a 24/7 emergency service for all guests and owners.

For non-guest or non-emergency issues, provide management coverage during normal business hours Monday – Friday 9:00 – 5:00.

Maintain in good standing our B.C. Consumer Protection Licence #77289 on an annual basis.

Maintain insurance licences with the necessary annual fee and educational requirements.

Maintain Errors and Omission Insurance for Silver Star Stays.

Maintain a trust account for all guest payments.

Maintain a state of the art website with all properties featured, with online booking functionality.

Provide all advertising/marketing of Silver Star Stays properties including using social media, and direct email to our database of over 3,000 past guests and potential guests.

Market rental properties on all major online websites.

Maintain monthly communication with Owners with updates via a monthly email during the winter and quarterly during the off season.

Send Owner payments via direct bank deposit  by the 15th of each month with a payment summary for all payments received for bookings departing up to and including the last day of the preceding month.  

Within 3 days of every booking, send rental payment details with full details of the rental payment.

Provide full service to our guests including responding in a timely manner to all inquiries, quoting accommodation, answering any questions.

Accept payment from the guests via credit card and deposit all payments to our trust account and provide receipts to guests.

All credit card fees are paid by the guest and not the owner.

Providing a “Helpful Information” booklet, which we prepare for our guests, that is sent at the time of booking.

At the time of final payment, providing full information to the guests including a map, driving instructions, door access codes and other helpful information.

Send a welcome email prior to the guest stay to provide any last-minute information.  Be available 24/7 during the guest visit for any emergency.

Prepare and provide a Winter Binder and/or a Summer Binder within the property for guest reference.

Follow up with each guest upon departure requesting a review and any feedback.

Share any, and all reviews/feedback with the owners and cleaning companies, where applicable.

Return any “left behind” items to guests as requested by them.

Report any damage to owners immediately.

To the best of our ability obtain payment from the guest for any damage or excessive cleaning.

Maintain open and timely communication with all owners regarding any issues either of us may have.

Maintain excellent customer service with our guests to keep them as repeat guests.

Maintain high ratings with all online websites to a minimum of 8/10 customer satisfaction.

Arrange for one of our approved cleaning services to provide housekeeping/stocking for your property.

Provide the cleaning company with the schedule/changes on an ongoing basis.

Recommend rental rates to our owners based on our market knowledge and experience.

No responsibility for loss of rental income due to the property being unavailable for rental due to damage, flooding, fire, etc.

Silver Star Stays Rates:

Our full service is provided for 15% of the agreed upon rental rates.  Silver Star Stays has the authority to discount for last minute availability or to match prices to obtain a sale where necessary.

Maintenance Services:

For any maintenance items under $500, Silver Star Stays has the authority to handle on behalf of owners, such as replacing coffee makers, toasters, blenders, microwaves, etc. If it is a non-emergency, we will communicate first with the owners.  In the event of an emergency such as a disabled dishwasher, disabled hot water tank, etc. this will by fixed or replaced as soon as possible.   All efforts will be made to contact the owner, but the comfort of the guest takes priority.

We can assist with overseeing any renovation or major maintenance projects, by providing qualified contacts to perform the work.

Responsibility of Owners:

Confirm that the owner is the registered Owner of the Unit and has agreed to appoint Silver Star Stays as its’ sole and exclusive agent for the rental of the unit.  This does not include any personal owner bookings or owner blocks, which are permitted within reason, to allow Silver Star Stays sufficient availability to invest in the rental of the property.

Provide Silver Star Stays and the cleaning service with all keys to lock off’s, garages, including lock-offs that contain any utilities such as breakers, hot water tanks, etc.  Excluded:  any personal/owner lock offs.   

Maintain all communication via email with Silver Star Stays and designated cleaning company.  The     24/7 emergency line may be used for any after hours emergencies.

Maintain adequate insurance coverage for a rental property, including comprehensive public liability insurance in the amount of at least $2,000,000 for claims for personal injury, death or property damage arising out of any one occurrence; and content insurance for full insurable value of all contents and damage/theft coverage with a reasonable deductible based on the size of the property.  At the owner’s option, loss of rental or business interruption insurance.  

Indemnify and save Silver Star Stays harmless from any claim, damage or costs incurred by Silver Star Stays within the scope of its authority in connection with the Reservations Services of the property, except in case of gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Ensure that the property and its’ use and occupancy comply with all fire and safety requirements of all governmental authorities.  

Advise Silver Star Stays of the minimum timing for security checks (for example once every fortnight, once a week, etc.) as required by their insurance company during the off season and arrange with Silver Star Stays or other provider to provide this service.  If Silver Star handles the security checks we maintain the schedule so when a guest is there, we wouldn’t do a check.  If another supplier is doing the checks it is the responsibility of the owner to advise supplier when guests are there.

Approve or change the rental rates as recommended by Silver Star Stays for the different seasonal pricing that Silver Star Stays offers.  The final decision on pricing for our seasons is up to the owner with the following conditions:

No change can be made to our “seasons”

All rates will have midweek and weekend pricing.

Year-round specials include:

  1. Weekly rates of 1 night free for a 7-day booking
  2. Mid-week special for arriving Sunday – staying till Friday.  Stay for 5 – pay for 4.

The above specials do not apply during the Christmas/New Year Season.

Approve minimum nights for different seasons.  The holiday season is standard at 5 days, but the other seasons are at the choice of the owners, with the minimum being 2 days.  The minimum stays may also be different between seasons.

Provide Silver Star Stays with full authority to maximize owner revenues by offering:

  • Last minute discounts
  • Occasional sales as availability warrants 
  • Bonus nights to fill gaps at discounted rates
  • Matching competitive rates or discounts to obtain the sale
  • Early/late check ins.  

Advise whether property is pet friendly or not, (for the additional daily charge of $30.00 per pet) or if this status should change.

Provide open on-going availability for a minimum of 18 months.  If you are not sure of your availability, block it off accordingly.  We can always open it later.

Important Caveat: Once we have accepted a booking, you are not able to “decline it” so it is important that you provide us with your personal dates in advance, and on an ongoing basis, so we can block them off and you will avoid disappointment.  This is a critical part of our success as we accept bookings immediately, if the space is open. 

Determine if your property is subject to GST in consultation with your accountant.  Advise Silver Star Stays if GST is to be, or not to be, collected.  If the status changes, at any time to advise Silver Star Stays in writing.  If your property is subject to GST and Silver Star Stays was not advised in writing, full responsibility for payment of GST is the responsibility of the owner.

GST will be sent to each owner monthly and they are responsible for submitting it.

Submit rental income statements to their appropriate government and maintain up to date income tax payments relating to their rental unit.  This includes, but is not limited to, Non-Canadian resident tax.  

Keep all utility and strata payments (if applicable) up to date.

Minimum standards to be maintained include:

Keyless entries on front and back doors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Fire extinguisher

High speed Wi-Fi, cable T.V.

Flat screen T.V. and HD cable boxes.

Two fans per property

Duplicate sets of linens, duvet covers, kitchen linens and towels (bath, hand, and face cloths).  Two bath towels per person are required (duplicate set 4 bath towels per person).

Minimum of one hair dryer per property.  Preferred hair dryer in each full washroom.

Bakeware, pots, utensils, plates, etc. in good repair


Crock Pot

Maintain a minimum standard and supply of provisions for guests, which may be stocked on your behalf by the cleaning company and topped up throughout the season.   See enclosed supply list.  

Note: This may be updated from time to time based on guest feedback and changes in trends. (i.e. a phone used to be a minimum standard but is no longer required due to cell phones and wi-fi).  Blenders and crockpots used to be optional but are now in such high demand they are now standard for.

Optional amenities highly recommended:  

Barbeques (electric for Creekside strata units)

Ironing board/iron (having this qualifies your property to be business friendly).

Minimum upkeep requirements:

Snow removal and hand shoveling is the responsibility of the owner to contract directly with the snow removal company.  Minimum standards for suites/houses that are not in a strata property is “snow removal on every snowfall” and hand shoveling as needed to maintain decks, front steps, back exit and exterior stairways and emergency exits including rear window exits if there is no back-door exit.  They also need to be contracted to ensure that snow is removed from any intakes, gas meters, etc. Ensure that any roof overhangs or cornices are removed at the owner’s expense for the safety of guests.

Summer maintenance based on Fire Smart standards.  Keep your property maintained for safety with paths cleared and deadfall removed.

For properties with a private hot tub – contract directly with a professional hot tub company to provide service during both the winter and summer months.

Liaise with the cleaning company directly where necessary and pay their invoices upon receipt.

For guests staying longer than 5 days, garbage/recycling pick up will be handled by the cleaning company.  The per pick up fee of $15.00 plus GST will be added to the cleaning invoice.  

Maintain open and honest communication with the cleaning company.  If for any reason, the owner wishes Silver Star to re-assign cleaning companies, notice must be provided in writing and Silver Star Stays will endeavour to make the change within one month.

Loss of Use:

Should rentals already be on the books, and the property becomes unavailable due to flooding, damage, etc. the owner is responsible for any costs associated with us moving the guests to another property.  This may involve an upgrade cost if no suitable or acceptable re-accommodation can be made for the same size/quality. Our reservation fees and third-party fees will also need to be paid for any bookings that we need to move, as per the rental payment details invoice.  We highly recommend loss of usage insurance for your protection.

Will not place any written personal advertising or solicitation material in the property at any time.  Such material will be removed by Silver Star Stays and may be cause to terminate this Agreement.

Will provide a private locked ski storage.

Will provide parking for guests.

Be responsible for the expense of annual or occasional expenses such as fireplace servicing, annual carpet cleaning or as required based on Silver Star Stay standards, flushing of hot water tanks, exterior window cleaning, etc.

Selling your property:

If the owner wishes to sell the property, the owner will notify the Manager in writing that the property has been listed for sale.

During the sales period, Silver Star Stays will provide the access code to the selling realtor for showings, provided that no showings will be permitted if the unit is booked or occupied by a guest. 

All bookings that Silver Star Stays has made on your behalf will be honoured.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to have this written in to the real estate agreement.

Provide the proposed purchaser with a true copy of this Agreement and notice that bookings made for guests after the closing date must be honoured by the proposed purchase.

Prior to the closing of such transaction, require the proposed purchaser to fully assume and be bound by this agreement as to any bookings of the property after the closing dates.

Advise Silver Star Stays in writing when there has been an accepted offer with all conditions removed and advise Silver Star Stays to either cease to make any more bookings or continue accepting new bookings.  This notice must be made in writing.

It is the owner’s responsibility to provide the realtor with all information relating to sales, revenues, expenses and will not be supplied by Silver Star Stays unless requested by the owner for a fee of $50.00 plus GST per hour to provide.

If the new purchaser does request for some of the advance bookings to be re-accommodated, Silver Star Stays will make “best efforts” to do so.  This is not possible during the Christmas holiday period, President’s Week, Family Day, and other long weekends. The re-accommodated property must be of equal size/quality and accepted by the guest or upgraded free of charge for the guest.  The original owner is responsible for any upgrade fees and all original reservation services fees as per the rental payment details.

As part of the sales agreement, the seller will provide the new owner with full contact details of Silver Star Stays and we will provide the rental payment details of future bookings. 

The original owner is responsible for providing their lawyer/notary with details of all deposits or payments that they have received from Silver Star Stays for booking after the closing dates, so that these adjustments to the new owner will be made by the legal team. 

The new purchaser may enter into an agreement with Silver Star Stays to provide ongoing reservation services or provide Silver Star Stays with notice in writing to discontinue new bookings and honouring existing bookings.  A completed Owner’s Information must be completed at the time of possession so that Silver Star Stays can make Owner payments to the new owners.

Terms of Agreement:

There is no signed contract on length of this Reservation Service Agreement.  Owners may opt out of using Silver Star Stays at any time, for whatever reason, in writing with one-month notice.  Likewise, if the owners do not live up to their terms and conditions, or there are irreparable differences Silver Star Stays may terminate the agreement with the owner with three month’s written notice.

In the event of termination by either party, all bookings already made by Silver Star Stays must be honoured.

Last Updated: September 18, 2018